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Our Shuttle line-up of strong quiet motors now includes a wireless, battery-powered version. The Shuttle iOn is perfect for windows that do not have convenient access to power.


Shuttle iOn features an internal removable heavy-duty battery pack. Depending on track length and drapery weight, the battery only needs to be charged 2 to 3 times per year.


iOn fits all Forest motorized tracks and motorized decorative rail systems. Expect the same functionality of the other Shuttle motors such as Touch Control technology, remote control and integration options.

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Roberta & Carmen
AH Sales

Forest CS and CM are our go to tracks! We know that when we install them in a hotel they will be strong enough to withstand heavy use. This peace of mind is invaluable. And we love the customer service at Forest! 

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Between the Seams

Homeowners are looking for traversing today. Deventer has the quality, finishes and functionality they want. Although I am a regional workroom, I never feel small at Forest. Their team is always available to me and their pricing is where I need it to be.

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Drapery Hardware West

As an installer, I work with the Forest Shuttle motor all the time. It's easy to install and program. My customers are always happy with the way it performs.